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  • To Reserve a Table for the Shows, E-mail 
    with the date you will be there, which show you will be attending (8:30 or 11:00), and how many people you will have in your party.  If your party is bigger than 4-6 people, an additional table must be purchased.  No, a few of you can not "just stand" if you are enjoying the show from the seating area! 

  • SHOWS:
    Fridays and Saturdays - 2 Shows, 8:30pm & 11:00pm
    (SEPARATE RESERVATIONS for 8:30 and 11:00 shows, unless reserved for both shows in advance.)

    *Reservation includes door covers for your party - limited to the number of chairs at your table(s)
    2-4 Top:  $40.00
    6 Top:  $60.00
    Additional Chair: +$10.00 (*NOT always possible!)


  • Table(s) must be paid for prior to members of your party taking their seats at the table!

  • Payment must be made on one card or the total paid in cash.  Payments for tables cannot be split among multiple cards.  Please have payment method ready to ensure the line moves along steadily and to ensure you can get the party started sooner! :-D 

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