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12/17/22:  Rumors is Closed. Landlord listed the property for sale and non renewed the lease which ended this month. That is all! Dealing with the situation was just becoming intolerable. IYKYK!

New location announcement coming soon! Follow us on Facebook or at for updates!

The End of One Chapter, the Start of Another....

"When you're ready to stop, stop. If you have given all you have and you feel the success you wanted… it’s time to look for the nearest exit. That’s just me. With the pending sale of the property and the lease ending… it’s time.

7 years of good times, memories and friendships along with all the highs and lows mark the history of Rumors Bar in Galveston. It’s been a great ride and I sadly share with you all that Rumors is closed. The biggest heartfelt Thank You to our customers, friends and family for all the support through the years.

There’s something new in the works so please follow us on Facebook or the website for updates.

It’s been an honor Galveston. This isn’t goodbye. We will see you again!"

Todd Slaughter, Owner

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